Tide’s Fortune Essex Dry Gin

Tide’s Fortune Essex Dry Gin

Tide’s Fortune is a Dry Gin crafted in small batches and infused with a range of traditional botanicals including whole juniper berries alongside the very best in local coastal botanicals. 

The Sea Buckthorn ​adds a piquant citrus taste and the locally foraged Sea Purslane really captures the spirit of the sea. 

70cl – (40%​ ABV)



Tasting Notes

A grown-up gin for gin lovers with a fragrant juniper nose. Our take on the classic London Dry Gin with the addition of locally sourced, coastal Sea Buckthorn and Sea Purslane, alongside other traditional botanicals to create a smooth citrus piquancy moving into a warming anise flavour with a long, lingering smokiness on the palate.

Perfect Serve

Tide’s Fortune is great on its own, but it doesn’t mind company.

Not used to drinking gin neat. Trust us, give it a try.

Have it simply served over a little ice with a sliver of lemon. The ice elevates the piquancy of the Sea Buckthorn allowing that citrus hit to linger a little longer before leaving a warming smokiness on the palate.

If you’re a G&T lover start with a dash of good quality tonic and build your way up until you reach that perfect point. We recommend Merchant’s Heart Tonic as we love the way it complements our gin, never overwhelming its flavours.