What no Wimbledon!

Strawberry Cocktail

A bit of prep required but worth the effort for a refreshing summery tipple. ​

Anyone for tennis?

What you will need

A punnet of strawberries ​

1 lemon​

A handful of fresh basil leaves​

25ml simple syrup (Equal parts sugar and water dissolved in a pan and let to cool)​

50 ml gin per serving​

Soda water to top up

What to do:

(1) First make the strawberry mixture blending the  strawberries, juice of a lemon and sugar together (push through a sieve if you don’t have a blender) Set aside.​

(2) Put two basil leaves in a short glass, gently muddle  to release the oils.​

(3) Fill the glass with ice.​

(4) Add the gin​

(5) Pour the strawberry mixture over the ice.​

(6) Give it a stir and top up with soda water.