As many of us are spending lots more time in our homes or exploring the areas around our homes that were once a mystery to us, we thought we’d share a recipe to make the most of this. In between baking banana bread (a success) and sourdough (not so successful) we have been creating some delicious Gin cocktails.

What you will need

50ml elderflower cordial 
(we have some leftover homemade from last year – and it won’t be long till you can give this a go – we followed this one from River Cottage but any good one will do)

50ml good Gin (preferably Tide’s Fortune 😊)

1 handful of ice cubes (crushed)

150ml of bitter lemon

Some lemon zest to garnish

What to do

Mix the cordial and Gin together in a cup

(2) Crush the ice – we popped ours in a tea-towel and gave it a good bash with a rolling pin

(3) Take a glass of your choice and add ice, pour over Gin mixture and top with bitter lemon and lemon zest

(4) Turn off the news, put away the laptop, put your feet up….and enjoy.